Shining a light on opaque markets.

Our Mission to make markets more efficient by giving companies of all sizes access to raw material price data.

Purchasing managers from around the world told us that they wanted to work smarter.

About us

Purchasing managers wanted to spend less time negotiating, and more time moving actual product. To do so, they needed access to reliable information on fair market prices. They needed this data to be accurate, timely, and cost effective regardless of company size. And of course, they needed to be prepared for major shifts in the market.

We answered their call and launched Glowlit.

Glowlit is an innovative tool that gives users free regionally-based price reports on a range of animal feed additives. We crowdsource our price data directly from users who know the industrybest - purchasing managers - and then verify each data point using a specialized algorithm. Entries are anonymous, and shared only as part of an aggregate report.

Our price reports are the result of over 380,000 verified anonymous price entries, and growing each day.

At Glowlit, we believe in helping purchasing managers work smarter by using technology to facilitate collaboration across the industry. Only then can we make markets more transparent, and subsequently more efficient.


verified anonymous price entries, and growing each day.