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Purchasing managers from all over the world use Glowlit daily to work smarter. Join them and change the way you do business with unprecedented real-time visibility into market trends.

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Just the facts

Glowlit aggregates anonymous price entries to give you market intelligence reports on over 160 feed ingredients (more coming soon).

Our engine enables a deep-dive into the data, with granularity and precision unlike any other in the industry.

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How does it work?

Our global community of committed purchasing managers anonymously share their most recent feed additive prices.

In exchange, they get access to market intelligence reports powered by this data network. It’s what we call give-to-get crowdsourcing.

Learn more in our FAQ.

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Our crowdsourcing approach offers the most up-to-date price data in the industry


Every anonymous price entry is cross-referenced and verified using our industry-specific algorithm


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